Diffusing Essential Oils at Your Event

Have you ever thought about diffusing essential oils are your special event? You might want to give it some thought . . .

As your guests are coming through the door to your special event, what would you like them to feel? Happy, Cheerful, Inviting?

They can feel any one of these if you are diffusing essential oils at your event! These essential oils are an amazing and healthy way to keep everyone upbeat the healthy way during your special time with them.

Princess Birthday Party
Castle Balloon Columns

Did you know there are essential oils that will give an uplifting feeling when you walk through the door? Diffusing oils are the way to go to kill any germs that may be out there. Check out some of the amazing diffusers below. All but one have a nice calming glow!Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are also a great healthy way to make an area smell better. There are so many oils that are just naturally uplifting or calming. Just think about all the excited children if you are having children’s birthday party.

If you have a lot of children at a birthday party, I would highly suggest doTerra’s OnGuard. Take a look at the KEY BENEFITS of OnGuard. You could add in some lavender for the calming effect too. All it takes is 5 drops. Save the rest of your bottle for your household later!

Fight Germs with OnGuard Essential OilAs a mother, wife and teacher, OnGuard is my go-to oil that is always diffusing in my classroom. It has a nice soft smell to it that is warm, spicy and woodsy. A bottle of Onguard last me about 3-5 months. Well worth buying a bottle to stay healthy!

doTerra also offers a cleansing blend that is an odor eating essential oil. This is good for places that smell of stale cigarrette smoke, mustiness or any other bad odor.

doTerra Purify Essential OilPurify is an exclusive combination of essential oils that purify and eradicate odors in a natural, safe way. This uplifting blend combines citrus and pine essential oils that leave an airy, fresh scent on surfaces and in the air. A favorite among dōTERRA users, Purify can replace foul odors quickly and be an effective cleaner throughout the home. For aromatic or topical use.

Lavender is a great calming oil if you have lots of little ones at your party. There are so many benefits for lavender you will never want to be without it.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses
Calming Essential Oil

Check out all the benefits to using lavender, for the purpose of having a nice “calming effect” at your special event just add 5 drops into your diffuser and you are set to go. It is amazing how 5 little drops can go such a long way!

There are so many doTerra Essential Oils you can use throughout your day. Whatever you are in need of, there is an essential oil that can help you out. Especially on your special day!

Make sure to take the time for yourself when you are planning, use some lavender to de-stress and be ready for the party to begin! 

Are there any essential oils that you are totally in love with?! Let me know what your favorite essential oil is and how it helps you out when it is time to plan your special day.

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