Balloon Bouquets

Balloon Bouquets

can be any size and still look amazing!

Balloon Bouquets can be used for just about any special event, just to give it that something “extra special.” Balloon Bouquets can be used as table centerpieces or be placed next to the tables to catch everyone’s eye. They can be used for entrance decorations or even just to fill up some space on your event floor. Sometimes the littlest touch can make a huge difference when you have an empty room.

If you are not sure on what size balloon bouquet you will need or want, I suggest an 8-12 balloon bouquet. They have just the right amount of balloons to make that special effect you are looking for. Here are some of the bouquets that I have done in the past. As always, if you see something else you would like just send me a picture and I will get you a quote.

These are some of my balloon bouquets that I have done in the past. If you have anything else you would like done just send me an email with a picture and I can give you a free quote! 

Balloon Bouquets are always a go to when you just need some “spice” in your event. They are the perfect solution for decorations for any event. With all of the different colors and mylars that are available, I can make it happen for you!

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