Balloon Arches

CandyLand Theme Single Arch

Arches are a great way to “Welcome Everyone” to your event in a extravagant way. There are so many different ideas to use when doing arches. Just check out Pinterest. The ideas are endless!

When it comes to balloon arches, there are a couple types.

One type of arch is the Single Arch.

This arch is a single set of balloons that are filled with helium. Depending on the event, I will add ribbons to them. If you want more of a nice clean look, then I don’t add the ribbons. Everyone has an idea if they want ribbons or not. For a more elegant look, I  definitely add the ribbons. Below are 5 single arches that highlights all of the dance floor. Notice these are the only decorations in there. What a nice way to add some splash while keeping the costs down. Click here for more pictures of single arches!

Single Arch - Red and White

Another type is the Spiral Arch, a.k.a. the Weave Arch

The spiral arch or weave arch is a great way to welcome your guests in a big way. Depending on the size of your arch, you may need helium. The bigger the arch the more likely you will need helium. The picture below shows a spiral arch that does not include helium, as it is linked PVC pipes. Spiral arches can work just about anywhere. For an outside spiral arch, I suggest placing them on PVC pipes as the wind will throw a helium arch all of the place. For more pictures of Spiral arches, please click here.

Spiral Arch - Neon

There is also a Link A Loon Arch for the super fun events.

Link a Loons are a little more on the newer side, and I love how fun they are! This type of arch would be great for a party, whether it be a birthday party or a daddy daughter dance. These are just a super way to be creative with eye catching balloons that come in many colors. There are many other things you can do with link a loon balloons, just click here to check them out.

Link A Loon Arch Red and Yellow Balloons

Each arch is beautiful in its own way!

It all depends on what look you would like.

Side note – Are you thinking about doing it yourself? A lot of people with try to DIY Balloon Arches.

These arches can take hours just for me to do one depending on the size of the arch. Make sure you really think about how much you are saving when you DIY. If you have done them in the past and know what to expect, then go for it! However, if you have never done a spiral arch before, you may be in for a surprise on how much work they are. It may look easy when you see someone doing a spiral arch but it can be very difficult the first few times. Make sure you set aside enough time to do the arch. Is it worth it for you to DIY? There is also all of the supplies that you need to complete the full arch. All of this can be very frustrating for newbies to Do It Themselves.

As a balloon specialist,  I have done it all, know how long it takes and am ready for anything that my come my way!


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